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Location: Havířov, Prostřední Suchá

Surface area: 36 ha

Area characteristics

  • strategic location in the close proximity to the center of Havířov
  • area connected to public transport
  • the location can be divided into two parts:
  • first part: the areas of civic amenities – commercial facilities
  • second part: the areas defined as mixed urban residential areas

Transport availability

  • the location is connected to the streets Dělnická and U Skleníků
  • railway station of the Havířov City (3,6 km)
  • motorway (23 km)
  • Leoš Janáček International Airport Ostrava – Mošnov (34 km)

Technical infrastructure

  • sewerage DN 400
  • medium pressure and high pressure gas lines
  • DN 100 water line
  • underground and overhead high-voltage lines
  • Veolia Energie heat distribution

About half the area is allocated for commercial use (B, C in the picture), while the other part is intended for mixed residential urban use (D).

The location is connected to the “Dělnická” and “u Skleníků” streets.


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