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Asental Group streamlines its structure


Ostrava, December 31, 2015 – As of the beginning of the new year, Asental Group is switching to a more efficient operating structure. All the Group´s employees shall move to the newly incorporated Asental Services company, which shall provide shared services to all the Group companies. New companies - Asental Zenith and Asental Business Centre - shall be incorporated for two specific real estate projects. Selected inactive companies shall be wound up.

Asental Services s.r.o. shall focus primarily on management of real estate and commercial spaces, strategic, managerial and organizational services, preparation and management of development projects, and accounting services. The provision of services to all Group entities from one common centre shall eliminate duplicities and increase the efficiency of utilization of the capacities and know-how of more than fifty employees.

Asental Business shall continue to cater for commercial real estate and related lease of office spaces. However, by legal act of split-off we shall spin off two new companies – Asental Zenith s.r.o. for the Zenith real estate project, and Asental Business Centre s.r.o. for the ABC building complex in the Ostrava city centre.

Asental Land will not be affected by the changes in Group structure (save for the transfer of employees to Asental Services) and it shall continue to manage land intended for future development.

From January 1, 2016 the Asental Group shall also begin winding up the Asental Fund and Dukla Industrial Park companies. These companies have been inactive for a longer period; hold no assets or business relations and their termination shall save costs.

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