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Strategy and Vision

The Asental Group strives to be a well managed company with a modern, communicative approach in its dealings with employees, business partners, local stakeholders, and the general public, and to excell in its land management activities and in the creative development of real estate. It focuses its interest and energy on the domestic market, particularly in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

These business priorities bring better conditions and service to Asental’s clients (primarily commercial tenants, regional industrial companies and public-sector partners) and to the general business public.

Over the long run, Asental is best able to improve the value of its portfolio by

(i) providing its own clients the best possible services and

(ii) by contributing to the general, sustainable economic development of the region.

This latter goal necessitates ongoing constructive cooperation with partners from the public and private sectors. Asental is committed to this goal, applying an proactive and cooperative approach to regional land management, development and maintenance.

Asental Group applies a high standard of quality to the management of the properties withiin its portfolio. In the future, it plans to expand and diversify its portfolio, either via the acquisition of further quality real estate assets or by the construction of new, modern developments.

The story

Asental Group, in its corporate identity, comprises Asental Group comprises of two main parts: the name and the graphic element.

The name was created by combining two key words that define the essential focus of the company: a) Essential b) Assets. The abbreviation and adjustment of the phrase “Essential Assets” gave rise to the singleword, original name of the company, namely “Asental”. The designation of “Group” is then added to the name to form “Asental Group”, which serves as an umbrella for the group’s divisions.

The graphic element consists of the three stripes. The pictogram imbues the logo with a sense of stability, power, and dynamics, while expressing ambition, objectives and constant progress. 


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