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About us

Asental Group

is a real estate group specializing in the management of its real estate portfolio, increasing real estate value and preparing portfolio development projects.

  • Asental Business Center

    owns & manages numerous high-quality commercial (mostly office) properties, in which it leases space. These properties are situated in attractive locations offering a range of tenant services.

  • Asental Land

    owns & manages land, most of which is located in the Moravian-Silesian Region and much of which is earmarked for future development. In its search for ways to improve the land´s utility, Asental Land works closely with regional authorities, towns and municipalities. It is actively involved in drafting strategic plans for the utilization of brownfields and participates in the respective planning projects of towns and municipalities.

  • Investment Projects

    We assemble and manage strategically located real estate projects, where we also participate in development and realization as an investor or co-investor. Subsequently, we continue to work to raise the value and marketability of these assets.

Asental Group (founded as a brand in May 2014) is active primarily in the Moravian-Silesian Region; being one of the main players on the current real estate market. Outside the Moravian-Silesian Region it also has real estate in Prague, Kladno and its surroundings. In the future, the Group plans to expand and diversify its portfolio through acquisitions of quality real estate assets and new developments. The main activities of the Asental Group include:

  • Asset management
    • portfolio value management
    • asset structure optimization
    • ownership rights management
  • Property management
    • land & facility management
    • leasing real estate and recruiting tenants
    • tenant care
  • Preparation of development projects

Our People

Besides applying modern management methods, the Asental Group also utilizes the considerable experience of its employees – professionals, whose added value has been built from its acquired knowledge of regional specifics, population, history and current affairs.


Radmila Kuzicová

Jarmila Horáková
Financial Director

Marcela Tomášková
Land Portfolio
Development Manager

Markéta Paskovská
Land Operations Manager


Jan Šrámek
Real Estate
Development Manager

Dana Dziubová
Sales Manager



Companies Asental CZ s.r.o., ID: 06716032, Asental Business, s.r.o., ID: 27769135, Asental Business Center, s.r.o., ID: 04671261, Asental Zenith, s.r.o., ID: 04671201, Asental Parking a.s., ID: 27850439, Rezidence Marina, s.r.o., ID: 24668770, Jindrich Plaza Development, s.r.o., ID: 27658899, Jindrich Tower, s.r.o., ID: 27893561, Skleníky Nový Svět, s.r.o., ID: 27785165, are subject to uniform management by the managing party, which is Asental Land, s.r.o., ID: 27769143. The companies together form a corporate group within the meaning of § 79 Act no. 90/2012 Coll., on commercial companies and cooperatives (business corporations act).


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